About Me

Linda Healey, CPM

I started attending births in 1982. I got into this work because I was inspired by my own journey as a mother — giving birth, breastfeeding and raising my children. I have grandchildren now, and I love being part of their lives. It is a great honor to be a mother, and and it's also a great honor to serve other mothers and fathers as a home birth midwife.

I graduated from the North Texas School of Midwifery, and apprenticed with the midwife Helen Jolly. Over the years, I have taught childbirth education and led many classes on natural health. I'm a Certified Professional Midwife through the National Registry of Midwives. Like every CPM, I'm trained in neonatal resuscitation and hemorrhage management. Michigan recently approved licensing for our Certified Professional Midwives, and I expect to be licensed along with my home birth midwife colleagues in 2019. 

In my 35+ years as a midwife, I've attended about 1,600 home births. Every family and every baby has a forever place in my heart. Being a midwife is my calling in life and I'm so grateful to be able to help families have simple, joyful experiences, welcoming their babies at home.

This photo shows me with one of my beautiful clients, listening to her baby's heartbeat. The word midwife means "with woman." That's how I try to approach every birth, to just be with each woman and each baby.